Executive Functioning and Fancy Cars

It is like we are a factory, building up the cars that our kids will use. We spend years perfecting the engine, the tires, the exterior paint, the windshield and seats. And during those years we let the kids sit in the driver’s seat. And we tell them to practice driving. And then, when they go too slowly to meet our deadlines, or when they take a route that we weren’t expecting, we get impatient and just jump in and PUSH the car where we’ve asked them to go. And some of them might defy us, or manage to convince us that they are competent, and may manage to sneak in a little practice and they may learn to drive a little, but only very short distances. And if they go off course, we shove them aside and take over the driving, or resume our pushing. What we need to do is help kids build great cars – skills, knowledge, interests, experiences – but also focus on teaching kids to drive those cars. Drive them long distances, over hills, though dips and twists and turns. How to change a tire, or fill the oil, or open the hood and poke around when the engine dies. Otherwise we trap our kids inside these fabulous cars we have helped them build, wondering why, after all that work in school, they never seem to get any closer to their dreams… just sitting in those fancy cars waiting for someone to push.imgres-2

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