Meditation – Plain and Practical

When something dramatic has happened in your life, or you’re struggling with a transition, or you’re having a period of low mental health, meditation might become more relevant to you. Hard times might be your chance to learn the lifelong skill of meditation.

In the past month, two of my oldest and dearest friends suffered the loss of a loved one. As they mourn, they have good days and they have days when they really struggle. On the hard days it is hard to turn off the constant blurry tumble of sadness, memories, longing, worries, and regret. I heard recently that mourning is like trying to go about your day with a body filled with rocks. It is certainly a challenge to recover a calm and steady frame of mind.

I asked my friends, “Do you meditate? Can I give you a very quick and practical plan to start?”. What I shared with them is the stripped-down beginner’s protocol I have taught my sons, aged 8 and 11. It is the perfect place to start for anyone who wants to try meditation.

Here is what I told them, plain and simple:



If YOU’RE having a rough time, I hope you’re okay. I hope you know you’re not alone. Maybe you’ll try this simple strategy to feel stronger, steadier, and more in-control in your everyday life.


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