EF Checker for Teachers

I am preparing to facilitate a ‘conversation’ for a very distinguished group of educators at the EDxED conference at the Hudson Highschool of Learning Technologies in New York City. I am eager to join this group of pace-setting, big-thinking teachers.


One of the things we’ll be talking about is the way teacher executive functions can impact what happens in the classroom. I believe that for teachers to truly understand and believe in EFs they have to make the connection between EFs and their OWN performance. Otherwise, it is all too easy to attribute a student’s unexpected performance to poor character or bad behaviour.

To that end, I have prepared a special EF questionnaire catered specifically to teachers. It was fun to make and I hope you enjoy it. If you are an educator and you do this survey, I hope you chuckle and shake your head and realize that we all have bad days. I hope it makes you aware of the way teaching challenges the EFS and proud of the way you’re able to perform.

Before you take this survey and get whapped in the face by how incredibly EF-dependent good teaching is, remember that EFs vary from day to day based on illness, hunger, thirst, and how rested you are. Also remember that exercise, meditation, sleep, good nutrition, and proper hydration will optimize your EFs. Finally, make the connection to how absolutely necessary it is to go for a walk on your prep, keep up a yoga practice, keep water on your desk, eat lunch and snacks, and put your phone away at 9pm so you sleep well. It really makes a difference.

Is teaching the most EF exhausting job out there? Maybe.