Talks and Workshops

I have given workshops and presentations on executive functions to audiences with a wide range of expertise, including psychologists, teachers, parents, and school support staff. I speak on a variety of topics related to executive skill, but particularly enjoy teaching about an instructional approach I call executive skills based feedback and assessment.

My interest in executive functions began at Montcrest School, an independent school known, among other things, for its work with learning disabled students. My approach is based on Carol Dweck’s notion of ‘growth mindset’ and a belief that 21st century learning goals demand a capacity in all children to understand and advocate for their learning style. I have worked with educators and child specialists from around the world with the ultimate goal of unlocking the potential in every child.

In a 60-minute interactive presentation I will juxtapose traditional teaching practice and what is possible when approaching teaching with an ‘executive functions’ lens. Moving from a broad perspective to specific and practical examples, teachers will be inspired to apply executive functions knowledge to their daily feedback and assessment practice. Participants will leave fully equipped to make simple but radical changes to the way they understand and engage with children. Attendees of these talks often refer to their experience as “transformational.”

The format of this presentation is flexible, but it is best enjoyed at round tables in groups of 3-7.